Address: Gallayova 11, 841 02 Bratislava, Slovakia
  Contact: +421 905 684 252

Rely on the European Leader

Cord Blood Center Group Logo

  • We are one of the most experienced cord blood banks with more than 20 years’ history of success
  • We are the second biggest private cord blood bank in Europe
  • We were one of the first in the field and so far we have processed and stored the cord blood, cord tissue and placenta for almost 150 000 clients
  • We have active branches in 6 European countries (Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria) and we would like to expand into new markets.
  • In 1997 we were among the first in Europe to begin working with professional preparation of cord blood transplants. Thanks to international cooperation, our own research and continuous improvement in technology, we can now offer clients our considerable experience
  • We have licensed laboratories and storage facilities in Slovakia, Romania, Austria and the Czech Republic.
  • We offer a method of collection and processing that makes it possible to collect and store almost the entire cell content of the blood collected. Preserving the largest possible quantity and spectrum of stem cells increases the chances of successful treatment in case of their use
  • We are the only family bank in Europe that also operates and finances a public registry – Eurocord-Slovakia with more than 19 years of professional experience;
  • The public registry, Eurocord-Slovakia, member of the Cord Blood Center Group is a member of the international bone marrow and cord blood donors database (BMDW); it is connected to the EMDIS, the international exchange network; it is an associate member of other prestigious international organizations that set quality standards for cord blood products (such as International NetCord Foundation and WMDA);
    • Eurocord-Slovakia has been named the best in the world regarding average number of total nucleated cells in its cord blood grafts eight times in a row (BMDW, Annual Reports 2007- 2014).
  • Almost 74 cord blood grafts have been released and processed by our experts and have been used for all types of treatment: for autologous (own blood) treatment, for siblings and also for unrelated patients. This represents the highest number compared to all other European private banks
  • In 2004 our client was the first in Europe to use his own cord blood for treatment of a high risk brain tumour – the illness was overcome…
  • If one child in the family has an illness treatable using cord blood and the mother is expecting another child, we arrange collection, processing and storage of the newborn’s cord blood free of charge to the family.
  • We are organizing our own clinical studies in Romania and Slovakia focused on autologous use of a child’s own cord blood to treat cerebral palsy.
  • We are actively searching for those who could be treated with cord blood. They can participate in new experimental stem cell treatments; those being officially approved. Since 2012 we have organized the treatment of cerebral palsy for our clients at the leading medical institution, Duke University Hospital, USA.