Address: Bodenhof 4, 6014 Luzern, Switzerland
  Contact: +41 795 918 269

Benefits and support programmes for clients

We don’t just store cord blood – we also strive to make the right treatment available to our clients both at home and abroad. We offer several programmes to our clients.

Support programme:

  • Automatic participation for clients of Cord Blood Center.
  • Support in cases when child has a disease that is standardly treated by transplantation of their own hematopoietic stem cells.
  • We seek out suitable transplantation centres around the world.
  • We provide professional consultation, payment of transplantation costs (up to 155,000 euros) and payment of personal expenses (up to 30,000 euros).

Helping Hand programme:

  • We offer assistance to families with preserved umbilical cord blood in finding a suitable medical institution in the case of possible experimental treatment.
  • We have already arranged treatment for children at the leading Duke University Hospital in the USA.

Programme of free indicated collection:

If you have a child with a disease treatable using cord blood as a standard treatment and you are expecting another child then we will provide you with the collection and storage of cord blood, umbilical cord tissue and placenta for free.

Our own clinical studies:

We also invest in our own clinical studies. In 2014, we opened clinical trials in Slovakia and Romania focused on the treatment of children with cerebral palsy using their own umbilical cord blood, which were unique in Europe. Several patients were treated in these studies and parents and doctors are confirming the positive changes in their health conditions.

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