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Brave Andrej

Another little patient undergoing treatment for cerebral palsy in the Slovak clinical trial is Andrej. Andrej’s mother had a troubled pregnancy; he was born prematurely and weighed less than 1700g. He got through the worst with his mother’s care. Now she enjoys the beloved and communicative boy who always surprises her some curious questions. However Andrej has cerebral palsy and even though his intellect corresponds to his age, his motor skills have been worse from the beginning. Despite intensive rehabilitation Andrej did not stand on his feet and did not even manage or move on all fours.

In 2014, was included in the Slovak study and half a year after being administered cord blood the control examination showed progress. He began to move on all fours and even try to walk. He gets himself out of bed, he kneels down, and his stability is improved.

“I consider this type of treatment to be a wonderful thing. We are not at the end yet, but the progress is amazing. The cells administered together with rehabilitation have moved him forward incredibly, and we believe that our Andrej will soon get up on his feet. It’s amazing that children with similar disabilities have a light at the end of the tunnel and can get where they didn’t expect. We keep our fingers crossed and others and thank Cord Blood Center for beginning this study for children in Slovakia,”

said his mother.
His physiotherapist Martina Mihaliková from REMI assessed Andrej’s condition following the administration of cord blood as follows:

“Following administration of cord blood visible progress occurred with Andrej. Half a year afterwards his stability is improved so that he can sit without leaning on his hands while playing. He is better at manipulating smaller objects. With a support he is trying to stand up, he is able to stand and is trying to walk. His articulation has got better and his speech is clearer.”

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