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David Alexandru

David making great strides

David Alexandru was born prematurely in the 28th week and after 72 days of hospitalization in the neonatal department he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy with disabilities of all limbs. When he was three years old, he underwent a transfusion of his own cord blood.
Only three months after the application, progress was visible especially on the cognitive level.

“He is much more active and interacts more; he’s more aware and more interested in everything that surrounds him, he notices more stimuli – if you scold him he is angry, he better understands the meaning of yes / no. His vocabulary is richer in terms of number of words, as well as pronunciation. To our great pleasure he repeats everything said to him. Another novelty is that after he wakes up he started using the potty, and his new discovery is also playing the mouth organ,”

says his mother.
During assessment after six months the tests showed progress in terms of motor skills: he holds his head well, he can hold a stretched out position of the body, he can sit unaided for a few seconds, he gets out of bed and stays kneeling.
During the whole period since the administration of stem cells David continued the same therapy that he’d had previously – kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, Bowen therapy. He goes to kindergarten where he has a psychologist and speech therapist.

“We would like to tell parents or future parents that it’s worth investing in the storage of umbilical cord blood through the CBC Group, where in addition to quality services there is also access to these innovative therapies. Thank you, Cord Blood Center!”

David’s family

“Based on experiences so far we can state that in patients who have been included in the study their own stem cells have been accepted without any adverse reaction, whether immediately (during the administration of stem cells) or later (during the 12-month follow-up after administration). Currently, stem cell therapy is a great hope for the future of regenerative medicine.”

Prof. Dr. Craiu, head researcher in the Romanian clinical study.

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