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10 reasons for umbilical cord blood and tissues collection

  1. Use in the treatment of serious diseases (e.g. haematological, oncological, neurodegenerative, immunological or metabolic)
  2. Potential use in many other diseases (almost 800 ongoing clinical studies)
  3. Use in treatment in both childhood and adulthood
  4. Possible use for sibling
  5. Possibility of multiple use thanks to the storage in multiple bags and tubes
  6. Use in cell therapies, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
  7. The widest range of cells that you can collect at birth and store
  8. Cells with unique properties – they are not affected by acquired diseases, treatment or ageing
  9. Immediate availability if required
  10. A gift for your child for life
Baby blue

Cord blood has saved the lives of many paediatric patients – read about the real stories of umbilical cord blood treatment here.

By collecting umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue and placental tissue, you obtain unique sources for your baby, which can be used for treatment throughout their whole life.

What are perinatal tissue and cells?

Perinatal tissue is tissue that may be collected during the delivery of a baby or immediately afterwards. It includes cord blood, placental and umbilical cord tissue. This tissue contains perinatal stem cells with unique characteristics and big therapeutic potential in the treatment of many diseases. More information on cord blood, umbilical cord tissue and placental tissue.

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