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Marko - Cesta bojovníka

The battler’s journey

Marko is a twin and he and his sister Linda were born in the 35th week by Caesarean section. His Apgar score after birth (9/10) gave no clue that he would really have to fight for his life. After birth, due to immature lungs he was placed in an incubator and his condition was critical. (more…)

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Brave Andrej

Another little patient undergoing treatment for cerebral palsy in the Slovak clinical trial is Andrej. Andrej’s mother had a troubled pregnancy; he was born prematurely and weighed less than 1700g. He got through the worst with his mother’s care. Now she enjoys the beloved and communicative boy who always surprises her some curious questions. (more…)

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David Alexandru

David making great strides

David Alexandru was born prematurely in the 28th week and after 72 days of hospitalization in the neonatal department he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy with disabilities of all limbs. When he was three years old, he underwent a transfusion of his own cord blood. (more…)

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Nelly - Stem Cells

Schoolgirl Nelly doing well

The birth of Nelly was complicated and immediately she was born she had to be put in the incubator. When her parents took away from the hospital, everything seemed fine, but only for the first six months.

“She was late in terms of her movements and speech and we suspected that something was not right. (more…)

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Lena's cord blood treatement

Lena’s story – Treatment of cerebral palsy by stem cells

The Hungarian girls were born in 2011 and during pregnancy the parents decided to preserve stem cells from umbilical cord blood of both daughters. At birth, the doctors opted for a Caesarean section. The girls developed as healthy children, but when they were four months old, the entire left arm and leg one of them, Léna, suddenly froze and she could hardly control it. (more…)

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