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Alex - Prvý pacient v slovenskej štúdii

Alex, the first patient…

… who underwent treatment using his own stem cells from cord blood as part of the Slovak clinical study. After overcoming meningitis in the first weeks after birth, he developed cerebral palsy. He spent some time in specialized medical facilities in the towns of Martin and Olomouc, where he did exercises using the Vojta method, but without much success. When the clinical study was opened in Slovakia, he was a suitable candidate for treatment. He had no hereditary disease or worsening motor disorders and his mother had chosen to store his cord blood at birth.
After it was applied, Alex’s body started up, given the right stimulus. As his physiotherapist, who had an opportunity to know in detail the condition of the boys both before and afterwards, says:

“Before Alex was closed in on himself, he could hold his attention for 30 seconds at the most. The change is really noticeable with him. Physically he is more stable, he holds his torso better and can sit cross-legged and work more with his hands. And mentally he has improved significantly. Now he is more curious, more willing to communicate, even combining syllables, trying to imitate the sounds to express his needs and became interested in the outside world, he even smiles too.”

Of course, more work must continue to be done with Alex to stimulate his brain and to develop his mental and motor skills further.

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