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Umbilical cord blood + placenta blood collection

Cord blood and placenta bloodOur cord blood banks also offer an innovative combined technology of collection. This method combines the standard collection of umbilical cord blood from the umbilical cord vessels with collection from the surface veins of the placenta. The first part is performed immediately after the umbilical cord before the delivery of the placenta. The next step takes place following the delivery of the placenta, when further cord blood is obtained directly from it. Blood from the umbilical cord and blood from the placenta are processed separately and are stored in separate bags.

  • Collection of cord blood from the umbilical cord
  • Collection of cord blood from the placenta
  • 40 % more stem cells collected*
  • Freezing and storage in two bags**
*in comparison with umbilical cord blood collection
**depends on the volume of cord blood collected

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